Shawarma machine with manual drive

Shop AST-PROMAОБОРУДОВАНИЕ FOR CATERING AND TRADE UL. RYBINSK,19V electric Shawarma grill professional high-tech 2-El-05-OTS is used at the enterprises of public catering and trade, for the preparation of meat toppings popular dishes Shawarma (Shawarma). The model is equipped with 2 tubular electric heaters (heating elements). The casing is made of galvanized steel, all elements in contact with food are made of materials permitted for contact with food.Manual drive rotation of the blade with the meat is wronousphorse installation of the electric drive (sold separately) for automatic rotation of the knife with the meat.Maximum load - 20 chalicist heating zones - 2 PCs. Connection-220Мощность - 3 cwcomplexes EQUIPMENT of ESTABLISHMENTS of PUBLIC PICANESE the NECESSARY EQUIPMENT FOR YOUR BUSINESS! CREDIT WILL RESTRICTIONISM WITH THE SELECTION OF EQUIPMENT! TRADE fair SAVOLSKI SELECTION AND AFFORDABLE RENEGERATE ON Salybia PAYMENT METHODS! SHIPPING AND SAMOVYVOZOM YOU AT THE ADDRESS UL. RYBINSK,19TH CENTURY

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