Hangar new Hangar HANGARS from a warehouse in MOSCOW, Other sizes are available, CALL us! Typical projects of hangars, square meter 2600 RUB the Hangar with a shell 15х30 - 1.170.000 R. All the details on the phone CALL! AVAILABLE Hangar HANGARS for grain storage Hangar for production hangars of various sizes for the food Hangar warehouse Hangar for industrial warehouse Hangar for storage of equipment Hangar aircraft Hangar for Parking Hangar for storage Hangar under a HUNDRED the advantages of BUYING HANGARS I HAVE 1. The hangar arched cheaper than any other construction in 2 times 2. The hangar can make according to your size 3. The hangar is made about 7 days 4. The hangar is set about 10 days 5. The hangar can be installed on any base 6. The hangar can be insulated 7. The hangar covered with galvanized roof, CHECK with ALL the INFORMATION ON the PHONE! ✔HANGARS OF DIFFERENT SIZES ✔INSTALLATION ✔WAREHOUSE ✔CALL 24/7 ATTENTION! On Sale is B/HANGARS Our services Dismantling of buildings and structures of the redemption of the hangars b/a Selling sandwich panels Sales of steel Price is per hangar 15х30 - 1.170.000 R. have to SPECIFY ALL INFORMATION ON the PHONE! have HAVE DELIVERY IN THE REGIONS HAVE

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