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Fast-paced business. Advertising and rental led mobile screen on the Gazelle. Cars can be parked almost anywhere without breaking the traffic rules with the highest flow of pedestrians and motorists.Advertising on the screen is very bright, attracting the views of others. Attachments very quickly okupatsioonide 25.000-30.000 R 20.000 R metatensin in mesocycle 1200r in Masaaki to issue as legal.person, +4,000 rubles in taxes per month.Used in Almost all spheres of business. Fitness clubs, restaurants, bars, cafes, fast food, beauty salons, Barbera, dentistry, optics, medical centers, toys, advertising agencies, shops of prom and prod goods, household appliances, Solarium, services.Can also be used as a poster for concerts, circuses, performances. Rent for video greetings, holidays, weddings, opening any establishments, live broadcasts.Good demand, slide shows upon discharge from the hospital, 30 minutes - 3.000 - 5.000 R. If to master the most simple video editor, you can also earn on the production of slides or videos for the same screen. (from 500 to 5000 rubles per unit.) There is a ready working site, the person who manages and promotes the site for a % of sales, an account in instagram.Machine fully functional and ready to work. Qualitatively mounted screen, exhaust system, processor, screen, ventilation in the back, and the generator 3.3 Cutest endlessly.If you missed something - call and ask.The payback period of 5 months

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