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Greetings to all, wishing inexpensive, but very high quality to repair computer or laptop. Have vast experience in the handling of any technical failures, including recovery software and lost data. Offer low prices for installation of Windows any version. Given that I am a computer wizard, can offer services on setting up additional types of equipment, combined with the operation of the computer, for example – configure modems, routers, printers, and other devices. Carry out repair of laptops at home, in the presence of the owner. Give a guarantee for the work done, including installation (guarantee the absence of failures in the system). If detected a complex problem, computer repair is trying to accomplish within one working day.Offer the following services• Install Windows, Linux and MAC OS.• Safe download, configure drivers, install any programs and utilities.• Repair of laptops after liquid ingress.• Replacement of motherboards, graphics cards, block, or power connectors.• Integration of RAM (memory extension).• Cleaning (removal of heat). Includes replacement thermal paste, diagnostics and cleaning of coolers(including lubrication). If necessary, replace the fan.• Laptop repair, associated with frequent freezes of software or games.• Replacement screens (matrixes TN, IPS, SVA, HD, Full HD). This service also includes solving problems with blackened or with a blue glow.• Repair of computers with the addition of new components to optimize unit operation and overall system.• Malware removal (and invisible) to the user programs that reduce the performance of a laptop or smartphone.• Data recovery from hard disks (HDD/SSD).• PC repair associated with the removal of intractable standard procedures for virus and then install the new software.• Adaptation of devices with smart TV, wireless Internet equipment and system smart house .Carry out repair of laptops all brands HP, Dell, Sony, Samsung, Lenovo, Asus, Lemote, Fujitsu Siemens, Toshiba, Acer. As a computer wizard, provide free advice on further safe operation of the notebook to all patrons!Call!!!

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